I have my iPhone4S :S wasn’t really keen on buying a new phone just yet.. but when your phone decides to keel out on you. .and refuse to sync, refuse to turn on, then, it’s time to replace it. I did know how much I relied on my phone… but going a few days without even my work phone reminded me of the days when we met up with friends..and hoped we’d all show up at the same time 😉

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All I want for Christmas

… is some random BSG paraphernalia !  Well not so random, I’ve wanted these for a while and don’t forget the pj set ($32 USD) that’d match perfectly with the pin ($59.99 USD)!!!  Nothing could be cooler than having this on the collar of a work shirt, or making this part of some charm bracelet I own . Who says you can’t add geek chic wear into your everyday? Try it sometime, some subtle hint of your geekiness to your everyday wear, and presto, a hint of whimsy and love for the sci-fi!

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Hell hath no fury…

Like a malfunctioning jailbroken iPhone 3Gs 😦

It started after syncing my iPhone to the laptop, then, at the airport I noticed that my apps wouldn’t open after pressing them. So I tried to uninstall the potential culprit “Categories” from Cydia. To my dismay, it “uninstalled” but, clearly the categories app was still there. So what did I do? Of course tried a factory reset, and lo and behold… it’s been sitting at the Apple logo for the past few hours. Clearly the worst thing that can happen, no phone, no access to my contact list or anything >.< . Hopefully when I wake up the factory reset will finishing doing it’s thing.. otherwise it’ll be sad panda for a while.

Yes.. I know.. I shoulda upgraded from 3.1.3 software ages ago.. but who has the time, now in anger my iPhone has gone on strike and told me to go away. I have warned it that I would replace it… course that isn’t without a price.. So.. what shall a girl do, new toys!!!  New iPhone or new Android?!

I never realized how dependant I had become on something so small, but I’d have to say.. this is up there with losing your purse. On a good note, bananas are 25cents/lb here in Virginia vs. 6.99/kg in Australia 🙂

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Yes, Yes, Winter is Coming!

Well… for the northern hemisphere… but here in the land of Oz, it’s about 22 degrees Celsius and rainy 😉 I am sorry to have long neglected this blog, but, I do intend to return and geek out to my heart’s content here.

Stay tuned!

Just a few updates in the land of WoW, yes, I am playing again, I even got the annual pass, and bought the Diablo 3 Collector’s. I am such a sucker for those things! Cannot wait till I can roll out and pew pew 🙂

For now, I share this with you.

P.S I was so here for AnimeNorth 2011 where the YouTube clip was made. Hopefully be there for 2012 😉

Have we stopped reading? Are thoughts no longer sustained but fragmented?

Is sustained thought lost? Are youth caught by the grandeur of the Internet,WikiLeaks, Facebook, Twitter – attention span is set on checking  iPhones, Androids and BlackBerrys ever few minutes for emails, texts, and so on?
It would appear as though people have stopped reading and have opted for fragmented, sliced, meta-narratives. Or just maybe… technology has shifted the way in which we read, communicate, write and or think.  In the article, Digitization: The last word? No. But the last book readers, Geoff Pevere has identified a common issue that teachers, professors, and parents alike may have noticed – reading has slowly lost momentum or interest. Shrinking English departments are evident of the nature of how youths and/or perhaps how people in general have forgotten the love of a good book. To be awe inspired, to be placed into an imaginary world filled with adventures, heartache and to travel with a protagonist and undergo a hero’s journey is what it means to read a good book.

It is with sinking irony that I (a major in English and Digital Communication and Culture) can see both sides -I feel that perhaps the manner to reach and engage people is no longer through the classical methods of reading a book. In my teen years, I loved books- I was engrossed in tragedies (often end in funerals), comedies (often end in weddings) and learning the archetypes that follow short stories and plays. And to this day it is a continued passion of mine. Though not everyone can enjoy the dry British humour of Douglas Adams, nor appreciate a mock epic by Alexander Pope – many of those ideas persist – laughter, freedom of speech (we forget it was never always free – and in some places still isn’t), dramatic irony, satire, commentary on politics, current events and history. Truly to understand why people wrote during the times is what makes their work important, relevant and engaging. If it’s not properly explained – how can it be expected that new audiences would care?

Take Twitterature – when a book has been condensed into the gist of a story – no depth truly – it is there to complement the classic, not replace. Perhaps, we must learn to engage people through the preferred mediums, notable historical figures, characters, authors should now exist on Facebook – and perhaps allow us to follow them on Twitter see their networks on LinkedIn. This is what we have come to understand of our world, weak and strong ties are more visible – we love knowing that we are within 6 degrees of our movie stars, politicians, and royalty.

Books do not need to be replaced, but the methods of engagement and learning do. We cannot ignore the fact that behaviours in the classroom have changed, and to ignore it is to simply allow those who have potential to lay on the waste-side.

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What Internet Culture really means

Quite punk if you will… re appropriating for the purpose of…. rebelling, entertainment, humour, and perspective.

Previously I talked about the more theoretical side of Internet – Memes , it is reinforced by the presentation by Ben Huh (CEO of Icanhazcheeseburger and failblog – both of which I frequent)
What importance does this provide to culture? We can see it throughout the course of time through architecture and literature. In essence the Internet offers the masses the opportunity to comment (social media, email, MMS/SMS messages, xbox live, real-id and so on) – whether or not someone is listening is irrelevant (though of course if it is popular enough – it becomes engaging). More importantly, it reminds us that we have a channel of expression and do not necessarily need to consume through standard methods of communication that is often controlled by protocol, government, private sectors and so on. The Internet cannot be owned by anyone corporation or groups of people, and therefore enables us to gain a democracy on which content we engage ourselves in, and what we may choose to filter out to the best of our ability and knowledge.

Ben Huh YouTube clip on Internet culture (High or low “c” – you be the judge – and perhaps I’ll be the producer?)

p.s cats vs. evil cats – isn’t that the same 🙂

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Digital Collections – Collector’s of virtual items

They don’t exist in reality, but I’m crazy for it. Why? The prestige of owning something that only few will own.  This could be any collector that is fanatical about a particular hobby. What’s mine? In-game pets in World of Warcraft.  What’s more, there is a community of individuals that are just as fanatical as me – check out Virtual collections are a hot commodity that cannot be ignored. People are willing to buy or spend time acquiring these items, but why? Cute, rare and exclusive are usually the most common answers amongst my friends who also pet collect. This need to collect, has followed me from one game to another, as I started to find myself needing collector’s editions or special editions of games – as exclusive items are given to the purchasers. These additions to your character account is what makes it unique – and potentially different than other player’s accounts (in our vain attempt to be different in a molded – modeled – programmed game)

To date I have over 100 + pets out of the 140ish that there is to collect.  I’m not sure what it is, but ever since my first pet in-game – the White Kitten (seen on the left) and my fixation on farming the small dragon whelps (Yes I have collected them all – I have no life); I have committed myself to collecting as many as I can through farming in-game, or purchasing from the Blizzard website.

One of my newest pets “Deathy”- kinda buggy – but I still love it!

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Why do we love Harry Potter so much?

People are so readily able to dismiss the fandom of Harry Potter, yet if we delve into the series many of the themes that are touched upon are keenly more than just a wizard or muggle issue – they are universal. Life, death, love and family are themes that muggles and wizards alike must tackle and attempt to understand. It transcends age, as we attempt to understand our own lives, so does Harry Potter.  Though adding a bit of magic to the mix doesn’t hurt. Writers mold and shape worlds that help the readers understand the true meaning of their vision, through pathetic fallacy and foreshadowing we see the dramatic generational fight between the Order of the Phoenix and the Death-eaters that contrast good versus evil.  Is it magic, mystery, imagination that draws readers in? Or do we see the vulnerabilities of the main character and qualities we can relate to? A good writer can breathe life into a world that is inanimate and what doesn’t exist, a writer invents creates and shapes rules and laws of the universe to fit the story. The mastery is making  it believable to others and making it acceptable to readers without conflicting in their own natural world.  Virtual worlds whether they are online or in the imagination require that the audience believes it thus, and therefore allows them to be realized.

For me Harry Potter has brought me a world filled with hope, in the wake of all the death and destruction of a loved world, we lose many but gain knowledge that some things are worth fighting for.  Though at first glance the Harry Potter series seems merely like a child’s storybook. It is much the cliched book by the cover – don’t judge! Personally if you really don’t like the cover, there are alternate printings of a book sometimes – I opted for the adult covers.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I – Trailer

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Convergence/Remixable – sometimes yes – sometimes no

Like a true fan, even the oddest of renditions of something – is something  I’d be fascinated with. But the exploration of the word “true” and “fan” may differ from one person to another. However, for now, let’s just say that I am 🙂

Bleach is quite an interesting manga, that delves into the world of a teenage boy beset to fight hallows as a Shinigami.  Yay or Nay? I wish I could see it in person, watching the YouTube clips, just won’t do.  Sadly, the clip I add appears to be no more than caricatures – but perhaps its best encapsulated during the live performance. It’s hard to see this anime/manga as something more than it is.

Bleach Logo

For more Bleach – check out or

What is missing?  Why does it only sometimes work? The successes are revered for its creative glory, while failures are heavily scrutinized by the critics and masses alike. And for what purpose do we remix?  When we remix  we create something fascinating – combining – inventing – reinventing.  Why is it important ? Remixing – is it culture ? is it new ? I’d have to say no – from recounts of art history in my first year of uni – remixing seems to be an inherent part of human history and  nature – we then appropriate it into what we then define as culture – be it high or low C. Regardless, it is something that we do – perhaps dare I saw something that we just are ? We like to converge  and remix – multifunctional like our iPhones – snap pictures, call our friends, Tweet, view our character Armory for World of Warcraft.

Comparatively – Cirque du Soleil – transcend boundaries of pop culture and bring you into a world of Michael Jackson in their Immortal tour as they blend the beloved songs of the pop King with their brandish and lavish style of acrobats – art – dance. If you’ve seen previous Cirque shows you’ll know it’s more than just a circus – it’s a thing of beauty. I feel like I’m in love – as I gasp in awe of the obscure and far-flung movements that bring me to another place and time.

We converge to create and we remix to re-live.

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The Muppets Channel on YouTube

Like all perpetual child at heart types.. a warm feeling emanates within me as I watch The Muppets and their take at how the Internet has created a new channel of fun, culture and engagement.  In an age where rarely anyone watching TV from cable…  The Muppets have found a way to effectively utilise this YouTube in capturing the audience, but still maintain its charm and bring relevant humorous discussions on various memes, parodies and satire they decide to employ.

That small bit of nostalgia that tingles through me as I find old loves of childhood remixed into today’s technology shows that some things can never grow old or worn out.

Poor Beaker – he tried his best at Dust in the Wind by Kansas, and only got flammed.

Maybe some people can appreciate his take on Ode de Joy more ?

Beaker serves best to remind me that things should be done like no one is watching, even if you are clumsy, putting your heart into it sometimes has great outcomes and self enrichment- even if those who do happen to watch do not always give you positive reviews – why are they watching it then…

I had to add this because they mention Canadians (at the end anyway).

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